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The recovery path of physical and mental well-being is completed thanks to Pilates lessons, in our gardens, overlooking the valley. The instructor will be available to organize free weekly Pilates lessons.
Every Saturday morning from June.
Pilates gives greater harmony and fluidity to movements, as well as teaching correct posture. Pilates movements focus on the center of gravity of the body, the area between the back and pelvis, the muscles in this area are strenghtened 
Practicing Pilates in the morning helps the lazy body to become active and vibrant. If, thanks to summer season, awakening Pilates is practiced outdoors in the middle of the green, then the effects become even more exceptional.
All levels: beginner, intermediate, advanced.
If required, private lessons can be held.
All you need to do is bring a bottle of water and wear comfortable clothes.
Mats and other accessories will be provided by us.
Lessons can be held in italian and, on request, in english.
The duration of the lessons is various and depends on the level of the participant.

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