With his wonderful location, the Ripa Relais offers a wide range of outdoor activities that respond to the pace and the item you prefer a wonderful "scenario" offering truly extraordinary for sports, to allow everyone to pursue an activity based on needs and abilities of each.

Umbria offers a unique environment for all. A natural heritage so rich as to merit the green heart of Italy. A third area covered by forests of beech and oak trees, rich in rivers and lakes, with a landscape characterized mainly by rolling hills, where there are plenty of mountains exceeding 2,000 meters. Unspoiled landscapes that have the Sibillini National Park, and six other regional parks instruments of protection and environmental enhancement. This is why the demand for outdoor sports is a meeting point with the extraordinary range of natural environment fully adapted to the practice of many activities.

Umbria hikers on foot, horseback, mountain biking has many opportunities to meet their needs. Sports environmental Umbria Per the most experienced no shortage of beautiful trails for hiking. The passionate sailor knows to find Lake Trasimeno adequate facilities and a race course enviable. More generally, lakes, rivers and streams in the region allow sports such as rowing, canoeing, rafting. In the Park of Monte Cucco the brave can enjoy the gliding, or simply get on cross-country skiing on the slopes of Pian delle Macinare or, in the Sibillini National Park, along the charming Pian Piccolo, or, in the belly of mountains full of caves, find the inspiration for fascinating itineraries caving. For those who prefer downhill skiing are available fifteen kilometers of trails of varying difficulty in Forca Canapine near Norcia.

Because of the beautiful hills all around our Relais, it is possible to discover the very nice territory following the complex net of  various itineraries by Mountain Bike or Trekking. We remind you that it is possible to buy (only euro 3,00) a very detailed  guide with all possible paths describing different levels of engagement.


"Il Ranch" at few minutes from us, which operates not for profit but for pure devotion to equestrian sport, sports association (upon payment of annual membership fee 30 euro) buy a membership card, which will cover you in case accidents, and become effective members of our club. Once registered you'll have our full cooperation and help. Our professionalism and experience is put at your disposal to try to meet your every need. We specialize in western riding and horses to ride, sopprattutto Americans.

The Ranch offers the following types of services to members:

• sale and purchase of horses we select good-natured horses prepared for long walks and work on handling

• horse riding and carriage: around our club is a vast and beautiful plain where we do tours of various levels of difficulty to suit your abilities and needs and not far away is the fabulous park Subasio where everything becomes an adventure.


The balloon flight is for many a dream was born from childhood, we have achieved and want to help you to enjoy it. Fly low-altitude forests, villages and rivers is something magical hot air balloon floats in the air and moves driven only by the winds, the pilot tries, varying the proportion, to change direction, from under people joyful healt the passing of sailing the skies. Static you know the place of take-off but not landing, each flight is therefore an 'unforgettable experience that's worth a try and share with loved ones or friends. A balloon flight is always a welcome and original gift for someone on their birthday or an anniversary to celebrate.
Upon request we can organize an exciting experience from here or from the immediate vicinity of our Relais.
Cost about 250 euro per person for about 1 hour flight (total experience 2,5 hours).


Vacanze e weekend di eccellenza in ville, castelli, dimore storiche


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